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Micromark has sent me an email for their drawplate.  When doweling furniture or you need a specific size dowel, has anyone found a drawplate to be useful?  I think one of my mini club members mentioned purchasing a draw plate, but didn't find it easy to use.   I am absolutely opposed to mini kits with glued-together, no joinery methods of assembly.


Has anyone used this product?  Is it designed for metal and not useful for wood?


I bought the smallest dowel rods that I could find, to dowel my furniture legs, but it would be nice to have the ability to make my own.



Item #50330 $29.95 on sale via email offer for $20.00

It says Jeweler's draw plate, so that makes me think it is for wire, and not wood... so if this one doesn't work for wood, does anyone have a source for a micro draw plate made for wood?


(I searched the forum for drawplate and draw plate, and didn't find any search results so I hope this isn't a duplicate post.  Mods, If it is a duplicate post, please feel free to move the post.)


Thanks - Tamra

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My inclination and  personal experience says that the imported draw plates are often marginally functional.

I think you would get better results with the one that Jim Byrnes sells, he specifically made it for use with wood. It is also less expensive. He will stand behind the product and has excellent customer service.



You can find reviews on his draw plate in various model ship building forums.

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Thank you Karin for the suggestion.  I didn't buy the micromark draw plate because of the reference to jewelry.  I'll see if I can find some reviews.  I remembered the table saw discussion, but didn't remember that he offered a draw plate.



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