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Found 7 results

  1. Elizabeth Gazmuri

    Impressive miniaturist

    In the April 2017 issue of Woodworkers Journal magazine there is an article about Marco Terenzi who specializes in making miniature tools that work. Most are 1/4 scale. I had never heard of him. His work is beautiful. Metal workers especially might be interested in taking a look at his website www.marcoterenzi.com . .
  2. WeekendMiniaturist

    Question about Dovetail tool bit

    I purchased the Jack Blackam dovetail jig when I went to Guild School - I think that was 2006... A few years ago husband found the Scale of Twelve Dovetail jig for me on eBay. I did find instructions for the Scale of Twelve jig in Nutshell News, and I found a review from James Dorsett in the Scale Cabinetmaker. I would use it with my Dremel 210 router and corresponding Dremel table. What kind of cutter am I looking for? I know what the cutter looks like in life size, but I do not know what it is called in miniature. Is this a Gesswein item too? I saw Gary's Madness in Miniature blog,
  3. Atomic Miniature

    Atomic Miniature fund raiser

    Dear family and friends, I'm reaching out to ask for your assistance in my pursuit of the art of miniature creation. Please consider a donation and thank you for your support- Michael Yurkovic http://www.gofundme.com/zfaauw
  4. Elizabeth Gazmuri

    making a wood carving gouge

    I need to make a carving gouge. I want the cut to be 3/32" diameter. Here is what I'm planning to do. 5/32" drill rod that comes annealed, collet it up on the headstock of my lathe, with a 3/32" center drill in the tailstock start a hole, switch the center drill to a regular 3/32" drill and drill a hole. Questions so far: do I need to switch to a regular drill bit, and I mean like a hardware store drill bit, if the 3/32"shank of the center drill is long enough for my purposes? do I need to do anything other than use "bur life" lube to the regular drill? Grind the top bit off to form the
  5. WeekendMiniaturist


    Micromark has sent me an email for their drawplate. When doweling furniture or you need a specific size dowel, has anyone found a drawplate to be useful? I think one of my mini club members mentioned purchasing a draw plate, but didn't find it easy to use. I am absolutely opposed to mini kits with glued-together, no joinery methods of assembly. Has anyone used this product? Is it designed for metal and not useful for wood? I bought the smallest dowel rods that I could find, to dowel my furniture legs, but it would be nice to have the ability to make my own. www.micromark.com Item #5
  6. Rafael

    Hello from Colorado

    Hello everybody. I am a model builder and tool collector and specialize in 1/4 scale instruments but have worked in smaller and larger scale models of many sorts. I've hovered about some and have decided to join in on the fun. Below is a model that I completed recently. Rafael
  7. THICKNESS SANDER PLANS Thought I'd share this article here, for all who are interested in wood working. Because if your wood merchants doesn't have on stock what you're looking for, you're forced to settle with what they've got. Or… you can create your own stock to your preferred specifics. And for that it's very useful to have is a thickness planer or thickness sander. If such a power tool is stretching the budget and If you're up for it, you could think about building your own. Here's a great guide to help you. http://woodgears.ca/sander/plans/index.html
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