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Simple furniture making for beginners.


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I would like to do some furniture piece but in our bookstores there no miniature books... What kind of instruments, type of woods, scale I have to use? I'm so confused.

I need your help desperately.


Thank you in advance.



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Hello and welcome Flojt,


Where do you live?  That way it would be easier for artists who lived in you area to advise you and suggest  what tools to look for in your area. 


On my list I would include:


A replaceable blade knife such as and X-Acto with #11 blades.

A small miter box with a back saw.  (X-Acto also make them.) 

A good flat metal ruler for use as a guide in cutting. 

A cutting mat- self healing if possible.

Good mechanical pencil about 5mm - 7mm lead. For marking cuts.

Some white glue - Elmer's or what ever is available in your area. Sharp pointed toothpicks for placing the glue in tight spots.

If you keep your interest then think about investing in a miniature table saw of some kind. 

A couple of cloths, one damp for cleaning your hands and glue.


I could go on.  


For books The art of Making Miniature Furniture by Harry Smith is a good one to start with.  Also check here http://www.fineminiaturesforum.com/index.php?/topic/61-books-for-furniture-makers/ Under books in this forum.


Wood or timber, depending on where you live:  Bass wood (Lime wood), a basic wood.  More exotic woods when you are more practiced. 


Bill Hudson

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Hi Flojt

Since you are from Italy maybe post a picture ( or a link to it) of the kind of furniture you wish to make........ This would help narrow your question so we could be of more help.

As for scale, the international standard is 1/12 also known as 1 inch equals 1 foot.

It also depends on what you want to do with the miniatures, put them in a room? On a book shelf? Etc?

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Flojt I'm Cristina, the Italian Guild School instructor. I sent you a private message, so we can talk about it easily in Italian  :)

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