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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, My name is Alberto and I am the founder of Silverissimo, a family business run by few people. It all started as a hobby once I was sacked after 8 years because my manager discovered I was going to adopt another child with my partner, ergo, being entitled of a 12 months adoption leave. As disappointed as I was I started this project and...well, here we are! (just in case, if you want to have a look at it, it is about solid silver miniatures www.silverissimo.co.uk ). I think this forum can help me to understand terminologies (I am not a native English speaker) about this "magic" world of the miniatures. Always happy to learn! Ciao! Alby
  2. Esther Marker

    Miniature furniture and CNC

    Hi, I've been reading a lot about the recent interest in CNC machines and how these can be used to make miniature furniture and have found some varied points of view both for and against using such a technique. I recently decided to take the plunge and buy a Stepcraft machine and I love it! I cannot say that one can use just this machine in isolation, but if used in combination with other tools like my Preac saw and even some simple hand tools like a miter saw and and x-acto knife, one can create some decent pieces of miniature furniture. Does this technique actually save time? In general, sadly not, however, the added precision more than makes up for the extra hours spent. I would say, the time saved in the actual cutting (which is flawless) is spent in designing on the computer and figuring out new ways to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. I am relatively new at this so am hoping with time and skill this will go quicker, but every step is enjoyable and I approach it with anticipation and love, so I do not mind the extra hours spent. One thing I should mention, is it does save time for in carving and brings in a whole new level of complexity and detail to what one can accomplish. I thought of sharing with the community my recent pieces comprising a Davenport desk and an Eastlake Secretary. I'd love your feedback and comments. Thanks so much!
  3. Esther Marker

    Victorian Wardrobe

    Just finished this Victorian wardrobe. The doors are hinged and have tiny brass handles so they open and close. The drawers work as well. It is made from basswood and stained with a teak finish. The lighter colored panels with the artwork is from kpla (jackfruit) veneer. The entire piece has a soft wax final finish. Scale is 1/12th. It is 7 3/4 inches tall and 4 inches wide. I hope in time to be able to have better joinery like dovetail and mitered joints. In the meantime I'll keep practicing.
  4. Victoria

    Painted furniture finish

    Asking for help. Just finished painting this set of sofa and to chairs, all painted with oil. They're all matte, and IMHO they look better this way, besides the original set has matte finish too. Any advice on what is the best product to get matte finish? I was thinking of finishing them with wax only, but would this be enough to protect the paint? I also have these four Gustavian chairs, the gilded parts are protected with shellac, but the rest is just paint, no varnish, no wax. Same problem for me here.
  5. My favorite finish at present time is a hand-rubbed oil finish with Watco. I let it dry and sand between coats with successive finer grit... and finish over the course of the summer season. I have used Deft, and other things in a can for a fast finish, when I have to get something finished quickly. Does any one use the french polish method? I would love to hear about your experiences with different products for your finish. Tamra/Indiana
  6. Atomic Miniature

    Daily Mini article

    The good people at Daily Mini posted a nice interview with me today. Hope you enjoy! http://bit.ly/atomicminiature
  7. roxannmi

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hi everyone my name is Roxanne Mitchell and I am from Taylorsville, NC. So happy to have found this forum! I have been a miniaturist since about 2004. I collect other artisans work and I also make quite a few things myself. I have done miniature baskets, trunks, roomboxes, dolls, animals, quilts, beds, blankets and afghans, pillows, furniture, jars and bowls, plates, really just whatever I see that I like and I say , I bet I could make one of those! Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and looking forward to doing a bit of lurking and learning. My profile on facebook is open if any of you want to know more about me and feel free to friend me there and message me there.
  8. Jo-AnnS

    Parquetry Table

    One of the things I love doing is making parquetry furniture, namely tables. As I have a drafting background, I use the computer to draft up a design which I print out. I then choose my veneers and start cutting out the shapes. I always cut the piece (using an Olfa knife and ruler) and glue it down before cutting out the next piece and gluing it down. That way, if the pattern gets away from you, it's easier to adjust as you go along. Once all the pieces are glued down, I sand it until I can't feel the joints. The rest of the table gets built and assembled and then I finish the piece with a clear coat. This piece has 64 individual pieces of wood in the surface of the table.
  9. Hello, I would like to do some furniture piece but in our bookstores there no miniature books... What kind of instruments, type of woods, scale I have to use? I'm so confused. I need your help desperately. Thank you in advance. Flojt
  10. Sue from Mesa


    I hope this is the right place to put this, since most of the furniture shown is woodworking. I have just finished a hassock in the style of MacKenzie Childs for a Christmas gift. It's not an exact replica since I opted not to make 30 tassels or make the legs out of ceramic (not even polymer clay). I did print my own black and off-white striped silk, though. Sue from Mesa
  11. Just wanted to share my latest work, a roombox which is a copy of a painting by Cornelius De Man "Chess Players". It is all finished except one miniature painting, I left the frame for it in the room. Here is the original painting: And what we have for now: Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr This roombox was commissioned by Miniatura Galata, The Museum of Art Miniatures, Loket, Czech Republic. It is not open to public yet, they are reconstructing the exhibition space. The interior and furniture were made by me, the dolls are made by my Mom, Lyubov Morozova (we had three version of the dolls, and what you see is the latest version of them). The rug is designed and stitched by Natalia Frank. The paintings are copied by our client's wife. It was a very interesting project, it took about a year to finish it due to the real life events ( my baby girl was born at the time, so I took some time off and had to slow down with the work). A lot of research was made to build the furniture and accessories, though our main goal was to give the right impression and feeling of the painting. We also used two other paintings by de Man, who was not really good at drawing people, that's why we had so much work with making dolls. So some details were copied from other de Man's paitings, like the fireplace and chimney details, the walls decoration etc. The cat is missing though Our client didn't find the artisan for it, but I hope it'll take its place in the future. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think de Man didn't paint the rest of the table (to the right from the lady) - it looks out of proportion to me. Anyway, it was a fantastic challenge to try to copy the painting, find the right colors, textures, materials. Our client is happy about the result and so we are! Let me show you some more pictures: Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Here are the chairs: Chair upholstery by vika-m, on Flickr I hope Natalia Frank will join me here soon to tell more about her wonderful rug!
  12. Victoria

    Hello from Victoria.

    Hello, My name is Victoria, I live in Moscow, Russia. I started making miniatures five years ago, at first it was a birthday gift for my Mom, a small roombox,at the time I had no special tools, still it was a very special experience. Since then I tried to make all kinds of miniatures - polymer clay food, petit point, bobbin lace in miniature, but furniture making is still my favourite. This kind of hobby was very very new in Russia when I began building my first dollhouse, so my blog was the only one on the subject, it felt a bit lonely. Later I discovered a wonderful community on Blogger and Facebook, I feel very lucky to be invited to this forum too! This is my latest project - bedroom set in art nouveau style, brass-inlaid chair and a dresser, all made of pear wood. We have no IGMA like guilds or schools, so I'm in a steep learning curve - woodworking books and Youtube videos are still the best source of information It's wonderful to be here with all of you.
  13. Elizabeth Gazmuri

    Bombe desk and secretary by Elizabeth Gazmuri

    From the album: Furniture 2

    Shown closed
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