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Barbara Stanton

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I just joined the forum. Just want to say hello to my fellow miniature painters out there. I noticed it was mentioned that the painter section is a little sparse. Well hopefully we can lighten things up a bit!

I belong to another forum that is just about miniature painting, so if you want to know more about that, I'll let you in on it. It's a Yahoo forum for miniature artists. A lot of dollhouse painters don't know about the fine art miniatures out there. They are 1/6th scale but they will except the 1/12th scale as well. I've been entering those shows and doing very well. I do have to adjust my framing a bit so that it meets the judges requirements.

I think it's great that we now have an IGMA forum! The members are scattered across the world. It's nice to be able to discuss things here.

I have taught at the guild school twice and attended as a student twice, so I know a lot of you in person which is wonderful. I'm always looking to connect with more miniature artists.

They were talking about the Genesis paint in another topic. I Remember Jeff telling me a story about how his cat got into that paint and it got all over the house! That paint never dries unless you heat it so he had a hard time finding it all and cleaning it all up.

I saw the furniture that Bill Robertson posted. I took a class from Mary OBrian on japanning and we learned how to do that technique.

I worked a little bit with that board that Cookie mentioned. I took the egg tempera class and we used to that to paint on. Haven't had time to put into the egg tempera but I really, really want to. It was really fun.

I enjoy painting on the silk canvas that I invented but I also paint on board and Ivorine and Polymine (plastic) too. I work mostly in oils. I don't mind a slow drying time because I like to work carefully and slowly.

If anyone has any questions about oil painting in general, I will be happy to answer those. I also know a little bit about miniature framing.

Glad to belong. Hope to get a conversation started.

Touched is a picture of me painting a little Seascape.


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Hi Barbara, I had my first painting class at GS this past June with Brook Rothshank.  It was a lot of fun to try something new.  I think it is amazing that our Guild Instructors are teachers and students and it is a tribute that we all can learn from each other.  I liked 'microangelo'... good wit!


Welcome to the forum!



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