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Found 5 results

  1. Local Folks! Join us on Sunday, January 24, 2016 in The Gallery at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures for a special open house and reception honoring IGMA Artisan Natasha Beshenkovsky’s exhibition “Still Life in Miniature.” Ms. Beshenkovsky will present and discuss her works included in the exhibit and answer questions on her vision, artistic process and inspiration. This special event will be held from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM in The Gallery at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. For more information and to RSVP, please call 914-231-9871 or write to dthomasfineminiatures@gmail.com. We look forward to welcoming you to a wonderful and informative afternoon in the Gallery. ABOUT D. THOMAS FINE MINIATURES D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is an online and in-store retail destination featuring artisan dollhouses and top quality collectibles including 1/12th scale furniture and accessories. The shop also offers workshops and classes taught by master artisans. The concept, designed to appeal to collectors, crafters and enthusiasts at all skill levels and abilities, was created, in part, to raise awareness of miniatures as a decorative art form and to introduce the discipline not only to a new generation but to those who may just be discovering it! The shop also features a gallery space showcasing works in miniature by well-known artists from all over the world. D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is located at 579 Warburton Avenue in the village of Hastings-on-Hudson New York. Gallery and shop hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from Noon to 5:00 pm. Evening hours are available by appointment. For more, follow D. Thomas Fine Miniatures on: Instagram Facebook and Twitter.
  2. EXCITED for a new exhibition of miniatures in the Gallery at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures featuring works by the very talented Natasha Beshenkovsky now through February 16, 2016. Details attached here.
  3. THRILLED to be exhibiting new work by Hernán Buljevich at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures as part of the much anticipated RiverArts Studio Tour coming up April 25 and 26 right here in the Gallery at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures. If you're in the area, please drop in!! More about this very talented artist/miniaturist in my latest blog posting!
  4. The Mackerel Sky Gallery in East Lansing, Michigan, is having a solo show and sale of my 1:144 scale pieces from February 1 through March 20. http://mackerelsky.c...lery-shows.html It is exciting to have miniatures recognized in this way by the art world, and it was great fun to see the reactions of those who came to the opening. Many had never seen fine miniatures at all, let alone pieces in this small scale. It was gratifying to me, as the artist, to see how long visitors lingered over each piece. The small size of the Mackerel Sky exhibit space provides the kind of intimate experience most appropriate for appreciating art in miniature.
  5. Barbara Stanton

    Just a hello to fellow painters!

    I just joined the forum. Just want to say hello to my fellow miniature painters out there. I noticed it was mentioned that the painter section is a little sparse. Well hopefully we can lighten things up a bit! I belong to another forum that is just about miniature painting, so if you want to know more about that, I'll let you in on it. It's a Yahoo forum for miniature artists. A lot of dollhouse painters don't know about the fine art miniatures out there. They are 1/6th scale but they will except the 1/12th scale as well. I've been entering those shows and doing very well. I do have to adjust my framing a bit so that it meets the judges requirements. I think it's great that we now have an IGMA forum! The members are scattered across the world. It's nice to be able to discuss things here. I have taught at the guild school twice and attended as a student twice, so I know a lot of you in person which is wonderful. I'm always looking to connect with more miniature artists. They were talking about the Genesis paint in another topic. I Remember Jeff telling me a story about how his cat got into that paint and it got all over the house! That paint never dries unless you heat it so he had a hard time finding it all and cleaning it all up. I saw the furniture that Bill Robertson posted. I took a class from Mary OBrian on japanning and we learned how to do that technique. I worked a little bit with that board that Cookie mentioned. I took the egg tempera class and we used to that to paint on. Haven't had time to put into the egg tempera but I really, really want to. It was really fun. I enjoy painting on the silk canvas that I invented but I also paint on board and Ivorine and Polymine (plastic) too. I work mostly in oils. I don't mind a slow drying time because I like to work carefully and slowly. If anyone has any questions about oil painting in general, I will be happy to answer those. I also know a little bit about miniature framing. Glad to belong. Hope to get a conversation started. Touched is a picture of me painting a little Seascape.
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