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Antique miniature silver exhibition in Amsterdam

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I am busy planning a day in Amsterdam visiting some house museums on my way to Tune in July when I discovered that the one museum I plan on visiting is having an exhibition of antique miniature silver until 31 August this year, they are not exactly made to any specific scale as far as I know but are still beautiful little pieces.


I actually found a dutch miniature piece a few years ago at an antique fair here in Johannesburg and bought it for my dollhouse, a little violin player, the only photo I could find in a hurry is this one, LOL, I used it to keep down a scrap piece of wood while I was working on my first sewing tables.


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Also be sure to check out the miniature silver exhibit in the Riksmuseum, this display was two sided plus more....... As I recall it was on the first floor, and of course there is more silver in the 17 th c. Dollhouses displayed there.


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