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Wm. R. Robertson's TED talk and E.G. online

Wm. R. Robertson

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Hi Everyone


As many of you know I have been super busy this year. I will be doing a TED talk on Aug. 18th and did a talk at the E.G. Conference in April. This is now online. Please share it with your friends on social media.


Thanks, Bill

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I still want the WRR Coffee Table book, but the EG talk was fun to watch.  I would love to have one of those old hand held "jeweler?" vices... life size and miniature please... is the vice in miniature a possible class subject?  I can now see the origins of today's hand held jewelers vice....

I now, really- see that 17th Century tools have a beautiful aesthetic appeal.  And the aesthetic aspects of tools has shifted to function in today's world vs. pleasing fluidity of the design and function.  I do enjoy the romance of using a lathe, but thinking about tools from the 17th century vs. tools we have today; does make me want to improve my own hand tool experiences of owning tools that please the creative soul.  

The fixture for the metal garbage cans for soldering is impressive... I would enjoy seeing a post in the forum on all the cool fixtures people have made.

I hope you planted a little seed for your contemporary EG participants to look at scale miniatures with shift in their thinking and perhaps we will get some new collectors or students of The Art of Fine Miniatures.

Yes, The Art of Fine Miniatures by William R. Robertson... good name for a book?  Perhaps not enough pizazz....

Off to make some saw dust!





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