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Hello from the UK


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Hi, I'm Cath & I have been interested in miniatures from childhood. It broke my heart when my parents sold my dolls house to pay for a school trip! My next house was  scratch built with help from hubby, but we were in process of moving & it was stored at his parents farm.....right when foot & mouth hit. House number three was a DHE Classical which firmly immersed me back in the mini world. That was sold a couple of years ago due to a lack of space & a massive interest in G&J Lines houses....I now have three of those, plus an Amersham house,  DHW Preston Manor, DHE Cumberland Castle, a quarter scale Raven's Perch, three market stalls & a cabinet with antique dolls house furniture. I beleive there may be a divorce if another house lands!!!


I love miniature needlepoint & am slowly teaching myself woodworking, although in all areas I can only aspire to the beautiful workmanship on here - but everyone started somewhere I guess. The attached picture shows copies of an antique bed & cabinet that I made 


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Hello, Ninja Cath,  I hope you will check out the textiles portion of the Fine Miniatures Forum.  Needlework is a wonderful way to add to the realism of a minature room. There are so many wonderful miniature structures, and I can definitely relate to wanting my own miniature street of houses.  One of our miniature needlepoint artists, here in the USA, Anne Ritter wrote about Anne's Subdivision.  Each time I think about Anne's Subdivision, it makes me smile.  I will look up the G&J Line Houses, too.

I see you have a needlework stand in your room, I have had a Nicola Mascall kit for many years, that I need to work on for my needlework stand.




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