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Hello from USA


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I have been a member here of this forum for over a year and was having trouble posting back then. It's nice to see I can post and introduce myself.

I am mainly a collector although I paint miniature paintings for myself, I was bitten by the miniature bug at 4 years old after seeing some holiday windows in NYC (1970) and the rest for myself is history!

I love planning miniature creations and working with artisans who make the furniture etc; I am interested in taking some full size woodworking courses as tools have scared me in the past. This might lead me in trying my hand at 1:12th scale, we shall see.

I look forward to reading more posts and seeing everyone's work.

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Hi Elaine, welcome. I must say it was a blast from the past to see the images of the furniture you owned of my work. Has a result I have started making more detailed pieces again.  I am more than happy to help with any advice I can offer.

Regards Tim

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It is wonderful to learn that Tim is returning to our miniature world!

Elainie, for what it is worth, I think the life size world of woodworking causes me more hesitation then the tools we use for miniatures, referencing  a life size delta table saw vs. the Microlux table saw... the forum does have some discussion on tables saws.  I think in life size tools, the band saw, a lathe and a miter saw can be used with ease for mini making and I don't fear for my fingers. 

Do trust your instincts regarding safety... there is a huge resurgence of woodworking with hand tools in the life size world, and I know that Master Miniaturists Bill Robertson and Geoffrey Wonnacott both conduct classes with limited use of power tools... I remember my first class with Geoff at the Chicago International, and was shocked when I cut out my parts with a jewelers saw - so he was the person who introduced me to the jewelers saw.  A wonderful simple tool, and while you can definitely cut yourself with a jewelers saw, it isn't the same thing as cutting yourself with a saw plugged into the wall.  Still, I know from experience, putting a #76 drill bit into your finger still hurts, but it didn't require stitches. 

There are many wonderful life size woodworking schools in the US, but if you love miniatures, do consider attending Guild School, it is as Daniela in our forum is quoted, "The Best Week of the Year!" 

I am so glad that you were able to join the forum and finally introduce yourself.  Welcome!



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Thank you yes, it was witnessing a power tool accident as a child that frightened me into adulthood. I have considered attending, when my smallest child (he's 5) is a bit bigger I can get away hopefully and attend.

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