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Safety switch.

Bill Hudson

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I wanted a safe but cheap fix for a safety switch on my Preac saw. I taught a class at Castine several years back where I used a couple of Preacs. The idea was too have a quick shut down of the motor. I used a regular rocker style light switch and mounted it into the front of the base box. I installed a wood plate over the switch which had a hole in it in line with the on part of the rocker switch. A little block would press down on the off side of the switch.  The plate was hinged to the box and on the other end I threaded a bolt which moved inside a hole drilled in the base. I installed a spring over the bolt to hold the plate away from the switch. A nut on the bolt inside the box acts as a stop an as an adjustment in the movement of the plate. To use just turn the saw on by pushing the toggle through the hole in the plate.  To stop just tap the plate.

switch - 1 (1).jpg

switch - 1.jpg

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