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SmallSea in Carmel CA


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This months Miniature Collector Magazine reported that the owners of the SmallSea collection in Carmel, CA are going to sell the collection. 

From the Wall Street Journal,

"Next year, all 53 buildings of a miniature Edwardian village collected in a museum in Carmel, Calif., will go up for auction. The owner, former investment adviser Diane Birnberg, expects some pieces in the village to sell “for five figures.” But the furnishings—collected over 25 years—will be sold separately. “I’m heartbroken,” says Ms. Birnberg of breaking up her collection.

Auctioneer Eileen Rhoads says this is the best way to get top dollar. “For someone to spend that money, they have to want each piece,” says Ms. Rhoads, of Douglasville, Pa.-based Ron Rhoads Auctioneer, which will conduct the sale. Ms. Birnberg, who is in her mid-60s, is selling the set because she can no longer maintain it. "

I think one sale just happened last weekend, another in October, and anything left in November.... look for details about the structures on the Ron Rhodes auction website.






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