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How to Use The Forum


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Since there is not what is known as a bulletin type forum for Miniatures many people may not know how to use it.

A forum is a place to exchange ideas, You can ask questions, You can show your work, You can show others work, You can share events, resources, websites. Basically you can do about anything as long as it fits into the Guidelines and is related to Fine Handmade Scale Miniatures.

How does it work? You can bookmark this site or even a subsection of it. Then when you bring it up on your screen you go to the section or sections of interest you see listed in the left side column. These are divided into Topics, A red box will appear if there has been any new postings since your last visit. The black dots show which ones you have read and wether there are any new comments on them. When someone (and that can be you) starts a Topic they put a title on it that describes what it is about. If it is a question or review please word that way so folks can tell what it is about. If anyone wants to answer or comment they fill in the text box below and click on the post box. It is that simple.

In the main page you see a column on the right, that shows the newest post in that section. Keep in mind there may be many new posts, only the last one is shown so you will want to check the whole section by clicking to the left.

Now keep in mind that most miniature artists work alone but love to "talk" about their miniatures, the Forum connects them to the rest of the world. People always like hear comments about their work so don't be afraid to post something.

The more everyone uses this forum the better and more valuable it becomes. And remember once it gets a lot on it there is a search feature to help you find whatever you want.

Thank You and please make use of it and remember it is OPEN TO ALL.

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