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Looking for help identifying artisan of a different story of doll and some animals


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Thank you for looking at my post. I've tried to use links, please let me know if they don't work for you. 

I can't find marks on any of these. I was hoping that someone might recognize the style. Or have an idea so that I could maybe try finding a way to contact that person and asking if it's their work. 

I'm not sure what the animals are made from, but I think they're hand cast from something lighter than resin. The bottoms   (flat part) are black, but I can't tell if it's paint or the color of what they're made from. I have a few others. Someone suggested they might be made by Amanda Skinner, but they're not signed.

The feet on the rooster are wrapped with something and painted... they must be made of wire because the result is cute little toenails.

1/12 scale porcelain giraffe to dress (head, forearms, feet)


Rooster with wrapped feet


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