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Where are your Castine Photos?

Catherine Ronan

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I would have thought that those who went to the Guild School would have been excited to share all the photos they took. Not to mention share their experience and in so doing promote the school. So..... let's see them people.  ;-)

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Hi Catherine - all my photos are visual notes for my class-- nothing very exciting in my pictures... ie a picture of a machine vise - a reminder to me, that I want a machine vise - not really worthy of sharing.  ;)  I really like the photo of 3D printed Betsy reviewing her paintings on IGMA Instagram.  A mini me is so cool, and I did not catch this in the exhibit room.  I think the Guild puts up photos each year, so stay tuned... and I'm looking forward to the official announcements of our new artisans too.  For the years that I have attended GS, after Graduation, they have had a photo show and these are also posted online.

I would imagine that most people are back home by now, so I am hoping for pictures too, as there is so much to experience and so much can be missed that it is fun to see Castine from others' photos.


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I only arrived at home late last night and were very sleepy today after all the traveling. I will get to posting photos sometime over the weekend as my mom and brother are in town and I am visiting with them tomorrow, I haven't seen them since August last year. And most of my photos are of the town on our off night, I usually get so involved in my class project that I completely forget about taking photos.

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Here are my Castine photos, this year was extra special for me as I became an Artisan member of IGMA early in May, it was a special experience seeing my submission pieces on display at Guild School. 


First day in the woodworking plane class with Bill Robertson.


This is how my steel and brass dovetails looked at the end of day one, I enjoyed doing this technique in metal.


Dismukes, the building where our class room was in.


Dovetails for the second plane which was a bit more tricky in measuring out as the brass needed to be bend for the back end of the plane, Bill's prototype is lying in the front. 


Bill explaining how to thickness wood on the drill press on day three, a method I use often in my workshop.


Lobster and auction night at the end of day three.




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The first three days was fairly cloudy and cold, we woke up to glorious sunny weather on Wednesday morning.


Wednesday night is the only free night during Guild School, after having chocolate martini's and watching the sock competition in The Bilge two of my friends and I went down to the lighthouse.


There is a pathway that goes down to the water from the lighthouse and here we witnessed a beautiful and peaceful sunset.



A beautiful rose and garden on the way back to the lighthouse. 



From the lighthouse we went down to the dock area where it was very quiet, it was so good to enjoy a bit of fresh air and quietness with an almost full moon in the evening sky. 


Lobster cages!


A sailing boat coming back to dock, we saw them dropping the sails for the night.


A house in Castine with a Laburnum plant in full bloom.



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And all too soon the last day of school arrived.


I didn't finish my planes at school, I hope to have enough time to work on them next week and finish them. 


With a few friends at the graduation on Friday night. It was a great week and I hope to be back next year!


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Wonderful pictures, thank you for posting them! I thoroughly enjoyed your photo narrative---

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On 6/25/2016 at 6:14 AM, ElgaKoster said:

This is how my steel and brass dovetails looked at the end of day one, I enjoyed doing this technique in metal.

I have to tell you ...  Elga's dovetails were absolutely perfect.  Amazing!

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Great photos! I'll try to upload some of them. The house with the yellow wisteria is right at the bottom of Pleasant Street,

at the very base of the hill - just to the left is the top of one of the MMA buildings, with a great view of the water from the top of the building.  I love this.

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Sue I don't see your pictures here. Did you get to upload them.  I do have several Castine pictures, but I am not a very good photographer. I will try to post my FINISHED Arts and Crafts desk. Mark Murphy is a wonderful teacher! 



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Martha, Your finished Arts & Crafts secretary is a wonderful addition to your Greene & Greene Structure!  There were so many wonderful classes at Guild School  this year, it is very hard to choose your classes for the lottery assignment...

The Guild Show is the first weekend in August, so I am looking forward to the class selections announcement, and the Chicago Fall Bishop Show is the last weekend of August.  August will be a great month!


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Hello friends at the Fine Miniatures Forum.  I hope everyone is quiet because they are working on their miniature projects or basking in the heat of summer.   I have been romancing my lathe and working on my hexagon quilt, so I haven't been posting much... I will try and get some progress pics up soon though.  

I hope this link will work... professional photos by Heather Almeda of Guild School 2016.

I love the photo of the students in Teresa Layman's class where they have the roofs of their structures on their heads as hats.

Guild School:  A place to sleep, eat, and do miniatures for a week where you can meet and make friends......nestled in beautiful Castine, Maine.   Priceless.





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Thank you for the wonderful photos of Castine and the Guild School. The town is so charming and you have captured it. If you want to see more photos, check out the Guild School page on the IGMA website. There's a slideshow of 2017 school. http://www.igma.org/guild_school/index.html

We are totally into the next year of Guild School, June 9-15, 2018, Continuing a Tradition of Diversity. Pre-registration ends September 8, 2017. This enables you to get into the lottery drawing for class assignments. The whole process is explained in the Pre-Register section of the website. Regular registration continues until May 1, 2018. Here's the link to download the Pre-Registration form. http://www.igma.org/PDF/2018_GSchool_preregistration.pdf

The full Catalogue of Class Offerings will be available at Miniature Masterworks in Kansas City and at the Guild Show in Hartford. It will be posted online September 9, 2017. 

Join us!



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