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Hello from Southern California


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I'm not actually Eustice, he was a friend of mine. I do love sheep and natural fibers. 

I've been in love with miniatures since I was old enough to ask my parents for a dollhouse. After many years of being told it would be a waste of money because I would get bored with it, my mother saw to it that I got a pony. 

I got back into miniatures close to 20 years ago. I love making them more than having them. Right now I'm returning to college in my 40's after some serious health challenges and I'm creating my own scholarship by finding new homes for some of my larger scale items. 

These days, due to lack of space, energy and time, I'm more into my knitting. Of course there's homework, and learning how to throw ceramics. 

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Hello... have you seen Althea's micro knitting masterpieces?  some of our forum members love all of the fiber arts... We hope to hear about your projects between your studies.  Education is so important, and it is never too late to continue working on those goals.

I just tried miniature knitting at Althea's seminar at GS - very obvious that I should knit with size 00 needles before I go to the micro size!





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Yes, it was Althea and some friends that gifted me with miniature knitting that first inspired me to learn to knit. I love socks, and I've now knit a few pair. I took a class from a master knitter, she said that knitting socks on size zero needles is ideal. The resulting fabric is supposed to wear better as the stitches have less room to move and develop holes from friction.  

At any rate, minis have been on hold for a long time. I have some things I can't bear to part with right now, including a lovely half scale house built by a mystery crafts person. It rests naked in the top of my closet. And some 144th scale houses that I hope to build/carve my own furnishings for.

Hopefully others will bring back some of their value and help me with my first semester of university a year from now. 

I should move some old pictures around so I can share them. 


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