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Traveling to the Guild Show


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  I am thinking about taking the train to Newark for the Guild Show in August. Does anyone have an idea what the taxi fare might be from Liberty airport (the train station is near there). I've tried to do a few searches or get quotes, but they don't seem to be working. Thanks in advance!

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I was just daydreaming about attending the Guild Show as the show is moving to CT in 2017 and oh... I do want to go back to NYC's Garment district with Mike Barbour... what a wonderful way to spend a day in NYC.

The Whiz kid organizers of the Guild Show have provided us with two options for traveling via taxi / limo...


scroll down to the section... If you are flying... and hopefully these links will work to give you a cost estimator.

I am from the Midwest - where we drive everywhere, but I have even used public transportation, when I am in Boston, Teaneck, Los Angeles, etc... and the google maps gives you public transportation options too.  (I need to try this public transportation option in Chicago someday...)   

Even though this says ERW, the taxi services are likely to have options from other locations...

If you are flying

If you are flying in for the 2016 Guild Show, the Newark Liberty International Airport (ERW) is the most convenient and economical. Teaneck Taxi and Rochelle Limo (information list below) also have service to and from the hotel and LaGuardia and JFK. There are discounts if reservations are booked on line.

Teaneck Taxi 

Rochelle Limo

I do hope you will be able to attend, and know you will find many treasures and loads of inspiration!

Let the forum know if any of this works, as feedback will be helpful to the next person.




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