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The Tiny Eclipse Instrument Vice (vise) #180


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to show you my Eclipse instrument-maker's vise tonight.  I found out about these in a 1950's or 1960's issue of the Model Engineer (saw an old advertisement).  I have a number of small vises, antique and modern, but this little guy is among my favorites.  One showed up in really great shape on eBay a few years back, bought that one, then within a few weeks another one appeared mint in the box, so I said "why not?"

It is a two-piece tool, as the miniature vise can be removed from the holder.  The holder can be mounted to a table or bench up to 2" thick.  Construction is of steel and cast-iron.

The jaws are just a hair under a half-inch in width, hardened and blued, there's a tiny v groove going across to hold wire or tiny round stock.  The whole piece has a wonderful quality to it, nothing loose or sloppy in the construction.  Even though it's tiny and delicate-looking, once you tighten everything into position, it's SOLID.  

Having two of these is handy for quick jig setups or soldering work as they both adjust in almost any angle and rotation position, though not as adjustable as a ball-mount vise.

I paid around $80-$90 for mine on eBay, and they do show up from time to time,






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I'll add this to my cool tool list... probably won't be able to touch this for a reasonable price though...  each time someone in this forum posts another cool tool, I bet the items get added to our eBay watch lists...and prices go up with demand.

I have another - unusual to me C type Clamp - but was thinking since I can't figure out how to use it for general mini making projects that I may get more answers from the Practical Machinists Forum... hmmm... what was my password to that forum?








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