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Seeking a maker of miniature native maerican pots

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I need sourcing help.

I am currently doing a high end roombox of the interior of a tent set in Wyoming circa 1876 and am looking for someone who makes or will make native american pottery for me. I would specifically like Sioux or Cheyenne pots. The more colorful the better. Ideally the artist will be a native american. I hope to have this included in a show and part of a museum exhibition detailing the life of Edward Curtis, the well know photographer. As a result they post need to be as authenticate as possible. 

If you have any thoughts please write me , post me or call me at 513-271-1850


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Hello Bob, 

If I have the correct person, I enjoyed seeing some of your settings at the Maysville Museum, when I visited in April 2016.  Welcome to the forum!

I have only limited knowledge of pottery, I just purchase pottery that "speaks" to me.  A quick google search of "miniature native American pottery"  brings up links on etsy and ebay. The miniature artisans that specialize in pottery, that come to mind easily are:

Jon Almeda / http://almedapottery.com/

Troy Schmidt / Red Dragon Pottery

Jason Feltrope - look for feltrope studios on eBay

Jane Graber - www.foundgoshen.com

of course this is not an all inclusive list.... but perhaps some help with your project.

Jason has not been at the Chicago Shows for two years... so I don't know what he is up to; but I do look up his work on eBay periodically.


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Welcome to the forum, I think we communicated once a few years ago via email.

Earlier this year I attended an international miniature painting art show here in Johannesburg, there was some Native American miniature pottery on display by a US artist, go to this link and scroll right down to the last post, there is another link there dating from 2012 that gives the artist's name and home town, hopefully you will be able to find her if this is the type of pottery that you are looking for.


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If you are looking for miniature pottery, please contact me, I do many different types.  Recently completed a "Cairo collection" of Ancient Egyptian pottery.

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