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Hi, I'm Bonni Backe


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While I now live in Brunswick, Maine, I started weaving miniatures when I moved to Syracuse, NY. I had been a textile designer in NYC, when I followed my then husband to Syracuse, where they don't really need textile designers, the winters are long and hard, and I had a surplus of very fine yarn. I have always loved small things, and was dismayed by photos of miniature rugs that made the chairs tip wildly and with fringes that would trip anyone who tread on them. I've always loved overshot coverlets but am entirely too lazy to weave one in full size, so miniatures was a perfect fit. 


There was a wonderful dollhouse store in Syracuse, and after walking the sidewalk past the door 3 times, I found the courage to go in and ask their opinion of what I had woven. Soon after, Weevings was born. I became an Artisan member of the Guild in 1993, and Fellow in 1997. I've taught at the Guild School for 13 years, along with several Guild Study Programs.


The Guild School remains the best week of my year, and I plan to be there as instructor or student well into my dotage!

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