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Guild School Scholarship application due 08/01/17


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Is going to Guild School high on your dream miniature adventures list?  please consider submitting your application.

Apply for next years' Guild School Scholarship

The application for the 2017 Guild School scholarship is now available. It is due August 1, 2017.

Download the application now and send to:

The Guild School Scholarship Program
Peggy Bugg, Chairperson 
1917 Vilas Avenue
Madison WI 53711

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Just a few days left to get that scholarship application in... If your work is not previously known scholarship recipients have the opportunity to share their works of art with a great group of people who really like miniatures - collectors, vendors, etc, etc... and remember, you have that opportunity to learn from some of the finest domestic and international instructors in the Fine Art of Miniatures.




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Just a few days before the deadline..... If in doubt, apply! Remember the applications are only judged against those submitted that year which means some years will be more competitive than others. Put your best out there and see what happens.

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Just a reminder, Only 1 week left to finalize your scholarship application for next year Those 6 days of instruction, Sunday through Friday are days of blissful learning opportunities that can vary from laid back... to... intense learning depending what you sign up for.  Here is an opportunity to learn from some of the finest artisans in the world!   If you want to improve your miniature skills, Guild School is a great way to help you get to the next level.

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