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Was looking all over the web for good hardware for a campaign chest I ended up having some made at Shapeways. Where do you all get your hardware from? Do you make your own?

These are what I am having made - I offered them for sale but more so I could share the designs than looking to sell I am having them printed now



(not really trying to advertise I don't so much care id I sell any I just don't know another way to show them)

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Excellent topic.  

I really like Ron Stetkewicz's hardware...http://rontoven.sytes.net/site/index.html.  Ron is in NY / USA.

Most recently I purchased, what looked like to me, millgrained knobs for drawers from Christina Noriega (Spain) at the Chicago International show.  She has some excellent brass gallery railing, too.  http://test.cristinanoriegaminiatures.com/  The hardware doesn't appear to be on her site, but she has offered this hardware for many years at the Chicago International.  Wish I had asked to take a picture for my own reference - I will ask  her next year, as that would make planning future projects easier.

I have also borrowed the hardware from my stash of house of miniatures kits...  Not effective it you want to build the kit someday... but it is an option.  Hardware was sold separately by Xacto / House of Miniatures, etc, etc, but subject to making your own hardware,  I have difficulty finding exactly what I want, so borrowing from my kit stash has always been plan B.  You can check out Hobby Bullders Supply for standard hardware offerings.

Bonnie Backe is offering a photo etching class this year at Guild School. 


I wish there was a a hinges and handles store for miniatures - I know I love going to my brick & mortar store locally for life size hardware; just wish we had a large hardware variety store in scale miniatures.












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"I wish there was a a hinges and handles store for miniatures"

I was wondering along those lines if the pieces I am having made come out good, are there other pieces others would like to see cast? Especially handles and other hardware

I could easily see a line of mission or craftsman style in bronze 

I understand campaign furniture is a bit of a niche although the corner trim would work on trunks. I had tried forming them from sheet but the real campaign furniture from the Victorian era uses cast and you can tell the difference

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Cats Paw also makes photo etched brass hardware in a few different styles as well as 1/12 doll accesories like buttons, buckles, hair clips, etc. Their 1/12 scale hardware items are not on their website but Pam will send you a cataloque on request. I just picked up an order from them for my fellow Johannesburg club members on my present visit in the US.



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I received my first two castings today need to cut them into individual pieces and clean up they are the corner pieces and L shaped brackets for a campaign chest




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