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Question: What is on your workbench for 2016?


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The forum has how many members?  My forum experience comes from participating in a Petitpointers Yahoo group, and collectively this international group of guys and gals are the most proficient miniaturists that I have ever had the honor to know!  As Spring is Dawning here in the US, my thoughts are always optimistic at this time of the year, and I dream of those blocks of uninterrupted time to create.  Luckily, employment keeps me in a balanced state and humbled by my lack of progress.  (I do have a legitimate excuse!)

So all of you who are new to the forum, or you haven't posted in a while, we would love to hear what is on your bench.... I have many unfinished projects.  I recently spoke to another miniaturist on the phone and he asked me what I specialized in... hmmmm... I replied starting something new... well at least I am true to my creative soul, and only wish I could specialize in finishing what I've started.

This is what is on my bench...

Whitledge Burgess roombox kit received April 2015, - that has not seen the light of day....  what were they thinking?  This was a 4 day class? 

R-E-A-L-L-Y????? I'm thinking 5 months of evenings or I need to stay home from miniature traveling and take a week off to concentrate on this one.

A needlework stand from GS 2015 - more turning practice is required to get to that exquisite place where I am pleased with the results.  I did recently purchase more rosewood and it has been planed and cut into nice pieces for more practice.  A more accurate conversation with myself at 12:30 am...... how many turnings do I have to create to get two to match..... ha....  I don't turn at 12:30 am... just contemplating my projects.

A Belle-époque dress from GS 2014 - I'm still looking for that perfect piece of antique lace... 

A Guild Study Program overmantle - still need to make wallpaper color decisions for this room, that will become a bedroom in my dream miniature build.  Do I want a muted yellow or use the authentic yellow - customized colored wallpaper is expensive....  I'll be taking my silk fabric samples with me to Chicago to see if I find any options.

As I am hopeful that I will not bring home an unfinished project from GS this year, and I won't be in equipment acquisition mode when I return home, I am optimistic that I can get 2,3&4 finished this year, subject to family responsibilities...  

I hope I can get some of you (lurking miniaturists) to post about something you want to create, finish or start in 2016...

What is on your bench?











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Sounds like all your weekends are going to be very full Tamra :)

It seems my year is going to be the year of chairs, both in making and teaching. I just finished two Chippendale chairs, right now I am busy finishing off four Hepplewhite chairs for one of the petitpointers that is coming to Chicago that I started in 2014.

And then I have two other chairs on my list for later this year, both quite rare and unusual, I am looking forward to making them after Castine, right now my goal is to finish all outstanding orders before Castine so that I can come home and work with lots of fresh ideas that are in my head right now.

And I am planning on making time for working on my dollhouse that I simply have had no time to work on during the last year.

I hope more people will tell us what they are busy with or planning to make this year.

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Right now I've got 4 trunks waiting to be covered with leather, a steampunk horse, 4 dolls, about a dozen leather handbags and satchels to assemble, and a whole bunch of workshop kits to put together for the Chicago International. Which is in 2 weeks. I'm going to have to give up sleeping...

Deb Mackie

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Lots of things have been going though my side shop since GSP Williamsburg.  Made about a hundred pieces of scale lumber for Pam and customers.  

 The Name National theme is Welcome to My Garden this year so I made ten bulb planters, a dozen each of the trowel and scratcher.  Twelve coping/jeweler saws just went into the show box.

In addition to that, I put together four complete duplicator setups to fit on Guild School wood lathes in June before classes start.  Also set up three Proxxon FET table saws with accessories and checked them out.  Got a Taig duplicator lathe ready to go to Chicago for a customer to use in his class.  Made four knob templates for the Martha Washing Sewing Table class at Guild School.

Recently I designed a new picture frame molding and made stock in walnut and cherry.

 Just finished three garden carts which included making 8 wire spoked wheels and lot more wheel parts on Sherline equipment.


Here are some other things that have been on the bench lately.

Pete Boorum


 Turned the legs and knobs for the "Mother's Dressing Table" class at Chicago International.56fd85c601612_Janedressingtableinstructi






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Wow, Pete! Do you sleep?  Deb said she was giving it up, but it sounds like you may have already done so!

I still have the Thistlethwaite Bungalow on my workbench.  This started in a wonderful Pat and Noel Thomas workshop as their Greene and Greene Bungalow, many years ago. I have made some modifications, mostly to the ceiling and roof, to allow better viewer access in its final place of display, a bookcase/cabinet in my Living Room.  The interior is finished and mostly furnished; the roof is yet to be finished. 

I also have Nancy Summer's chairs from GS last year, petite point upholstery for a chair in my Christmas Room, a French Knot rug for my favorite kitchen and several other small needlework projects. 

In spite of all of these unfinished projects, I have also started the 1st mock-up of a Louisiana Plantation bedroom, the Bedroom at Aragon.  This room is circa 1850 and will have several features from real Louisiana Plantation homes in our area gleaned from local research, pictures and furnishings. The planning has been fun!

I just can't seem to stop myself from starting something new with so many other things pending! Sound familiar, Tamra?

I do hope we hear from others!


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This is so much fun to read what other miniaturists are doing... adds to the excitement for the Chicago show too. 

Pete, I really, really, like those spoked metal wheels!

Deb, it is going to be fun to see the results of your leather class at the Chicago International... I know I have two friends attending your class.

Martha, we are kindred spirits... I didn't even include my Petitpoint projects, but I do have a rug and a quilt in progress too.... but all of my Petitpoint friends already know about those two long-standing projects.

Elga, chairs are very challenging - for me getting the legs to exact same length seems to be a science all unto itself.

You know what would be fun is to see how many forum members we can get to post to this, and then see our collective creativity results .... again in the future.

My wish for this forum post is that it grows into lots of pages of projects in progress!






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You are such a committed bunch! Olga, chairs are my favorite projects, I am planning to make more. It is great fun incorporating sculpting, laminating, turnings, all skills I learned at the GS classes.

Right now, I am working on my fourth kitchen, a 1950-60’s era, with the rounded counter and aluminum edging. It is progressing nicely since the weather has been rainy, keeping me from my other love, gardening. And of course, like the rest of you, I have loads of smaller projects planned or unfinished on my To Do list.

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Gisele, I look forward to see your new kitchen photos, in progress at Guild School.  You must love to cook, as this is your 4th kitchen....!  It will be nice to see you again this year at school.


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