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Wanted: Help on carving doll heads for a book project.


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Hi all


I hope it’s appropriate for me posting this, if not feel free to delete the post.

My name is Lars and I live in Norway. For a while I’ve been thinking on a book project based on Norwegian mythology. I’ve been pondering on how to illustrate the book, and found out I could combine it with my photography hobby. I play around with large format photography and came to the conclusion that 8x10 contact prints would be a great way for illustrations. The story in the book is about something called a Vord. I'm not sure what to compare a Vord to, but it's somewhat similar to a gnome, and I’d want to use photos of a doll approx. 2 feet tall representing the Vord for the story in the book.

So, to the point of my post. I have not been able to find a suitable doll yet and have more or less realised that I’ll have to have it made specifically for the project. I’m not a very skilled wood carver and I need some help from someone skilled in the trade. I need four different heads with facial expressions showing surprise, anger, smiling, and neutral, and a few sets of hands. I’ll go more into detail with whomever interested in helping me carve the heads and hands.

I’m sorry to say I’m not a very wealthy man, but I appreciate good craftsmanship and will off course cover all expenses on materiel, shipping, and such, and financially compensate for time spent on carving.

So, anyone interested?




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Welcome Lars to the Fine Miniatures Forum.


Is the Vord a Male or Female?  Have you sketched a picture of the Vord?  Or have other illustrations of the Vord?  This may help someone understand what the Vord should look like.



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I am a woodcarver and depending on the size I can help you. 2 feet tall would be some pretty large heads for a miniature carver but you can email me at miraclechicken@msn.com

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Thank you for your response.

Vords comes in both male and female form, I guess, but the story I’m working on is about a male vord. No specific reason for it to be male, it’s just the way it turned out.

I have some ideas on what he’ll look like. Working on sketches, but I don’t have anything finalised yet.

@miraclechicken: I’m flexible on the height of the doll. My problem is that I’m completely blank on woodcarving of doll heads and such… I made some feeble attempts, but ended up having a good laugh at my final product. I found it's better I stick to spoons and drinking bowls. I have a bit of a problem on relating to what’s practical height compared to carving the heads, but for practical photographic purposes I will need it to be at least one foot tall.

I found one woodcarver here in Norway and I really liked his carved figures (sorry to say I’ve not been able to find his carvings online), but unfortunately he died a few years back. Also, his carvings were maybe too inspired by the puppets used by Ivo Caprino in his animated films on Norwegian fairy tales. The company now owning the copyright to the design used by mr. Caprino sued someone for copyright infringement not long ago. That is something I’ll absolutely need to avoid, because a lawsuit will pretty much kill me financially.

I’ll make a note of your e-mail address and get in touch. My suggestion is; I’ll make an initial design on what I’d like the doll head to look like, and leave it up to you to settle on the practical height and level of detail according to what my budget allows. I will hopefully get back to you with initial design and my budget limits within one week.


- Lars

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I have carved many Hitty dolls, with nice faces, but only about 6" in total height of the doll. (6-1/4"). They are peg jointed. This pic is just to show you the face as an example. They are carved from Ash which is hard as a brick! Not fun, but carved from Ash in the interest of authenticity because the original 100+ year old doll was. The carving is very specific to Hitty and only meant as an example.


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