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Since we are a world wide community it would be fun to see where we are each from. If you missed this when you registered it is easy to fix. When you are logged in go up to the black bar where one thing from the right end you will see your name, click on that and box will open with a bunch of things, go to "my profile" and click. It will open a page with your details on it, you will see a red box in the upper right white space called "Edit my Profile", click there, it will open a list of all kinds of things to add to your profile…. scroll down and next to the bottom is "location", just fill that in and click the box below it called "Save Changes"…. that's all there is to it…. then next to your name will be where you are from.

Now I know folks like to not put out too much information on the internet, keep in mind if someone wants to find you they already can. But if you don't want to put you city and state, maybe just your region like New England. If you live in a small country maybe just the country like Denmark, or you could say Scandinavia or Northern Europe. Please put something, it will just add to fun. Thank You.

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