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Here is a project I relly like


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I really like the model airplane skeleton that is on the right and on the floor. Amazing link.  Is is common to scratch build in 1/5th scale?  I was also impressed that the builder made silicone molds to model the planes.


(Although seeing these skeletons of planes and cardstock planes does make me pause and think each time I book airfare to fly somewhere.)



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I love it! Wow does that bring back memories. My model bench was an old dresser and of course it was covered with paint, glue and stickers. I still have the little metal cabinet full of clear plastic drawers, yes they used to be metal back then. Anyway it has all these stickers and decals from my slot car racing days. One silly thing I do is check eBay for plastic model kits, on any day there are tens of thousands of them for sale. I have no intention of buying them. It is just a way to take a trip down memory lane. So much of that box art I remember, I either had that kit or stood there in the hobby shop lusting after it.

Thanks for posting this, now I want one, I just love the simplicity and cleanness of this model.

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