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Hello from Barcelona


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Hi there, I'm Montse, aka Minimontse, from Barcelona,  Spain. 


My interest in miniatures started long ago, when I was a little girl crazy for anything crafty. Miniatures, with their mixture of techniques and materials, were just perfect for me!


After all this years, I've become a part time miniature artisan, a part time miniature vendor (I have an online shop that sells materials for dollshouses and miniatures www.materialesparaminiaturas.es) , a part time mother, and a part time lawyer. Well, they say a life has time for more than one life, isn't it?

I also organise, with two partners in crime, a Miniature Fair in my home city, Barcelona.


I hope to learn, meet fellow enthusiasts, and contribute as much as possible.




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I don't think I will ever have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain -- but I would welcome learning about mini events in your country!


Welcome to the forum; it is a great resource of people who enjoy the  scale miniature world.


Tamra (USA)

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hello Montse, welcome to this forum! we probably  met each other in Madrid's or Barcelona's miniature fairs... so I'm pleased you are here!


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