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Bill Hudson

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I had a need to be able to accurately measure the depth of holes drilled on my Sherline mill.  I could purchase DRO or such but they are expensive and it would take a week or so to get one here.  My solutions was to repurpose a mount I made for fitting a Unimat head stock and column on my Sherline lathe for indexing carriage hubs for spokes. 


I split the mount in to a smaller width and added a plate to extend the body away from the hand wheel.  A 3/8" hole as drilled vertically between the plate and the body to serve as a clamp to hold a dial indicator.  The indicator tip rides on the top of the head stock and as the headstock is raised or lowered it reflects the movement on the dial.  I also have a long stemmed dial that fits. I have not tried it but I feel this will also work on my lathe. It is not pretty at this time just useful.  When time happens I can clean and polish it up.









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This is a good tip!   Thanks.


We do something similar on the Bridgeport - it has a DRO but only X-Y, so precisely measuring Z is difficult. 

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