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Snap On Retractable Hobby Knife


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Wow, the forum is quiet....


I hope this is a appropriate.... to post about a very simple tool.  I am excited to share a new discovery..... when hanging out at the local home improvement store, I found a snap-on retractable Hobby Knife.

I found it clearanced for $3.49 at Menard's Home Improvement Stores (US) and I think it takes a standard no. 11 blade.  I tore my packaging apart so unable to photograph, but you can search for photo, and if you have a Menard's store near you, you can search their inventory on line. 


It has a lever to retract the blade and is much safer for traveling to workshops... and no more searching for the cap for the knife. 


Would you ever go to a class without your xacto knife?


There is a reason to go to the Home Improvement store with dear husband!




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