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Artisan for clocks?


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Does anyone recognize the name Hank Diernbach? (DIERNBACH)   I am told an artisan for clocks about 30 years ago.  Would like to know more about what he did, where was he from, original price range of his work, where sold, anything.



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Hi Holly, I remember a book, titled,   "A Reference Guild to Miniature Makers Marks" by Lee S. Frank.  Do you have access to this book?  I think my public library had one, or they used to until we got a new director.  I never purchased the book because I had one on the shelf locally....


Did you search the Miniature Collector or NAME Databases of the online indexes?


Welcome to the forum!  I'm glad to see you jumping in and posting!




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Hi Tamra.  Thanks:  yes, I looked first at the Makers Marks book.  Leastwise, I made a phone call asking someone else to look, as my own copy was left out of town, and yet to be retrieved. (Long story...)


Then I decided to see if the Forum might come through for me as a resource!


Keeping fingers crossed...


Holly Burke


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