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Tom Bishop miniature show in Madrid


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the last weekend of November, 28th and 29th, Tom Bishop organizes in Madrid which is probably the most important miniature show in Spain.

More information in his web, that all of you already know!

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Oh, I wish I could go to this show.  Is anyone else in the forum able to attend?  It looks like a very large show.


I do wish you a wonderful show, and wish even more that I was able to travel and see your work.

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I was looking at the Guild's Facebook page this morning and wondering if anyone else had posted photos of their lovely work for the Madrid show, and was trying to figure out who else would be at the show.... wishing I could be the paid- for- my- travel and the US Abassador to all the shows to take photos, and the benefit for my volunteer time, is that I could shop in between photos.


If anyone wants to hire a lass from the US to travel and acquire fine miniatures for you, call / text / email me! 


oh... but I'm a working girl, and I have to stay at work this time of the year to support my miniature adventures.


There is a kit that was in one of the Spanish mini magazines, that I really, really want to find... I know it is silly that I want a kit, but time is precious, and I don't want to reinvent the figurative kit (wheel) when someone else has already made it.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I purchased a handful of Spanish mini magazines at the Bishop show, but I fell in love with the project.  I cannot read anything in this magazine but really loved the photos and quality of the magazine.  (Proof that I might be a little crazy when you buy a magazine that one cannot read!)


I do hope you will consider posting a photo for the forum of your mini masterpieces!  I can imagine that our counterparts participating in the show at Madrid bring one of a kind pieces to this show too.  Many of our US Artisans introduce a limited piece,  or their new editions to their work at the Chicago International... and of course this adds to the fun of the show.



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Hello Tamra,

I always post photos of my work ("masterpiece" is a big word!), and I will do this in this miniature show. Although you know that Tom Bishop don't like people take photos! I'll try to show miniature works of other artisans

About this kit you are looking for, if I can do something...

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