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Making chairs


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Wow!  This *is* a really good tutorial.  Now I see why I can't make these - I don't have the requisite bag of pretzel chips.   :-)


Seriously, he makes each step look so easy but I know they aren't.   And the problem with chairs, of course, is that you have to make 4, or 6, or 8, or 12 identical ones which would get tedious. 


He shows many interesting projects on his site.  Thanks for sharing!

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I knew there was a reason I don't like to make chairs.... They are so complex! I just love this style of chair with all it's subtle curves. This slide show really gives some good insights to those.

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Well...complicated, yes...doable in mini...also yes, I made 14 of these back in 2012 and 2013, 12 in South African blackwood and two in mopane....as Carolyn said the blackwood was her idea and then a lot of other people liked the blackwood too. On the chairs I made the back splat and crest rail are different, but this is a chair in the Chippendale style dating from the 1700's.

I never got round to making one for myself...but I started last week making two again from mopane, with some new info I have I plan on changing a few of the joinery steps as well as the carving on the back splat, I spent quite a few hours last week on designing a new pattern for the back of the chair from a photo which was more tricky to do than I expected...finally got it yesterday morning where I am happy with the design after a few tries.

Six of the first 14 chairs on my blog.


And a post I did here on the forum on gluing them together.


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Neils, that is a great way to keep those legs from getting banged up. 


And by the way, those knees are a real pain in the knees... I have a desk with ball & claw feet and those fancy carved knees in my office and when I hit the desk knees with my kness, explanatives may occur...


so fyi, your mini inhabitants living within your mini scenes need to be aware their knees are subject to collisions with the knees of the furniture.  And... no the mini people in my dollshouse do not actually talk to me.  :D


Elga, nice post, on the step by step... I also enjoyed his sand shaded tutorial, and always wondered how they did that... very cool link.



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