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Petronella Oortmans-de la Court's dollhouse in Utrecht, The Netherlands


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I had the privilege on Wednesday to visit the beautiful town of Utrecht south of Amsterdam with two miniaturist friends Josje Veenenbos and Jeffry Antonis. After being treated to freshly baked apple pie and a tour of Jeffry's miniatures in his workroom we went off to the Centraal museum to see the fabulous 17th century cabinet house of Petronella Oortmans-de la Court. There were steps in front of the house so you could literally push your nose against the glass that covers the front of the house. The lighting in the house is motion triggered when you come close, we had to step back a few times to get it going again.

Photo showing all the rooms.


Ground floor rooms from left to right.




Middle floor rooms from left to right.





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And the top floor from left to right.





And the description plaque.


I thought the house was well worth the visit, when one started looking at individual pieces...a lot of them were very finely crafted.

Here is a link to more info on the museum's website, it shows an English button but it didn't want to work for me on my computer.


The town itself was also very beautiful, I will post those photos in the travel log section.

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