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Anyone here do Data Visualizations or similar design work?


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d2.jpgNha Khoa Nhân Tâm TpHCM đang từng bước khẳng định uy tín của mình trong lòng khách hàng. Với phương châm "Lấy chữ Tâm làm đầu", toàn thể nha sĩ và đội ngũ nhân viên nha khoa chúng tôi luôn mong muốn mang lại những dịch vụ nha khoa tốt nhất, đáp ứng nhu cầu của từng khách hàng.
I'm looking for resources to get a more in depth base on the subject. Data visualizations have always interested me but it's hard to find good resources for how to design one properly. (And the things to really consider) I've found some talks on YouTube, a Udacity course, coursera course, a MIT course, and some other stuff but a lot of them tend to focus very heavily on the tools and not on design as much. Tools are fine (basically it's all d3.js) but I'm really interested in the design process more than the engineering/programming process right now.

Maybe I just need to read more about design in general. I'd like resources on that too if anyone knows some.


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I do understand the subject, but I'm not a programmer.  if I were a programmer... well that is another topic as it relates to miniatures.

If you google search images of data visualization you will understand the topic;  however I do not know how data visualization would apply to miniatures as fine art, so it will be interesting to learn about this topic.




Anything electronic and programmed can be outsourced - for work, my excel programmer is on the West coast, and I'm in the Midwest..

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If you consider data visualization to be only derived information from graphs and charts you will find little of it taking place in the miniatures at present.


However there is a lot of data visualization going on constantly in the miniature field. It is simply in a form you might think is not the same but as it too is communicating the information of our archeological history in a graphic form that is easy to understand it certainly qualifies as data visualization.


Lets take for instance a fully furnished dollhouse project. What is it saying to people, what is it communicating? Does it actuallly contain a set of data? Well yes of course it does, it often has a large set of data about a very particular set of cultural information about how people lived their lives at home during a specific time frame. It resonates with the viewers, the set of information is contained in a context that is quickly and easily interpreted by the viewer. Data visualization does not have to be pixels on paper. A very small scale architectural map populated with simplified miniature buildings very much qualifies as data visualization. So does a 3D google map or even a 2D google map of the same space. In this video from PBS they explain this.


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