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Cypress Flooring


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Can anyone suggest a type of wood that would mimic old cypress floors? I think the grain in actual cypress would be too large and grossly out of scale. Any suggestions are welcome!

Martha in Louisiana

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Martha, I looked up Cypress in the wood database, and I'm still not sure how the grain presents in real life, so I it is difficult to provide suggestions for an appropriate substitution.    If I ever get to your neck of the woods for our proposed plantation tours trip, we could go wood shopping together and figure this one out...but if you do have an example of a life size application of how cypress floors look in real life, and post a photo, it may help members of the forum give you suggestions.


My initial thought on this subject was to collect limbs from the cypress that are smaller in diameter, perhaps 1-1/2" to 2" , let them dry for a few years, and then we could cut them on a band saw and see what they look like. 


If you cannot find the appropriate in-scale wood to simulate the grain pattern you are after - you are in LUCK, because as an artist - you can faux paint the grain to get the look you want!



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