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South African Miniature Convention 2015


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I just came back from teaching at our South African Miniature Convention in the small coastal town of Betty's Bay about an hour's drive from Cape Town. We had 40 people attending the convention, this was my first time and it was a lot of fun and busy, busy all the time.

A photo of the hall where the convention was held against the backdrop of beautiful mountains and sunny skies...it was quite cold though, especially at night with an icy wind cutting through you.


Two of my students working hard on their dressing table mirrors, Ann started making miniatures five months ago, Ray has been to Castine many times but before I ever went, so we had fun chatting about our experiences at Castine, Bill Hudson do you remember him?


Betsie looks quite pleased with her mirror, I knew her online and it was great to finally meet her.


And Ruth busy working on her Georgian bedside table, it was both fun to teach and exhausting, being a teacher is a completely different ball game to being a student.


On exhibition night I had the privilege to see the work of an artist that I have only heard of before, Nissie Vermeulen who only started making miniatures after he had retired.

A perspective Cape Dutch kitchen, this is actually quite a small piece.


A collection of furniture pieces.


Some brass and copper pieces.


And lastly a gun with a removable bullet, just stunning work.


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Congratulations on teaching successful classes. It sounds like you had a great time. Teaching is defiantly different that being a student. Exhausting but rewarding.  I do not know if I knew Ray.  What is his last name. I taught for 14 years and have been retired about 15 years.  A lot of students have come through the Guild School in that time; many I never got to know well.

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Thanks for posting this Elga. Wonderful pieces in the collection and looks like your students are having a great time. I would be scared to try and teach something!



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Bill his surname is Gerber, but yes...I guess it is similar to patients recognizing and greeting a nurse, they remember her because for them she stood out in a time of trouble...for her just one of many faces she had to look after.

Linda, teaching is fun and very satisfying, this was the first time in my life I actually got paid for teaching so I was a bit nervous, but the feedback from the students were very positive, so I will do it again. The one thing I was most happy about was that I judged the time needed to complete the pieces right, the more advanced students finished a bit early but said that they enjoyed not feeling under pressure, and the beginners finished right on time...that was the thing I was most worried about.

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Elga, you are so meticulous about every aspect of your work so I'm not at all surprised your teaching effort went well. I really enjoyed your photos.


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