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Erasmus Castle Pretoria (known locally as the Ghost house)


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It has been very quiet on the forum, so I thought I would show you a house here in Pretoria that has quite an interesting history, since other people wrote extensively on it I am going to post a few photos and then give you some links to the history and more photos of the house.

The house was built in 1903, it isn't a regular museum and there are only a few tours during the year that has to be pre-booked, I went there twice in 2009, the first time I left my camera at home...I didn't make the same mistake the second time when I went again on a rainy November day which is summer here then.


The front door


The kitchen was build completely stand alone from the house for fear of burning it down, the oven was just tagged on to the kitchen.


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Some interior photos, most of the furniture that the family had were imported from England and brought by wagons from Cape Town which is about a thousand miles from Pretoria. Most of it got lost over the years though and the house is now furnished with antiques that were bought to represent how the house looked when it was first build.






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The pioneer house that the Erasmus family lived in before building the big house were moved stone by stone and rebuild close to the big house. The furniture in here are all South African made, the floor you see in the last photo is made from peach pips, and a mixture of cow dung and mud...and no it thankfully does not smell at all!





And as promised some links with a lot more info.




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