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Photos of the NEW National Museum of Toys & Miniatures in Kansas City

Wm. R. Robertson

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Oh, Elga, you are getting to see and do such wonderful things! I'm so pleased for you. We hope to get to Kansas City this year.  

I'm still sad that I have such a conflict for your upcoming class. We will see each other in Castine! Martha

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Over the last 200 years, dollhouses have evolved alongside the children who played with them. In a world designed for adults, the dollhouse has provided kids with a space of their own to dream and imagine. This special exhibit will dig into T/m’s extensive collection and display some never-before-seen examples, from glittering mansions to humble bungalows. Become a member and get a preview of the exhibit on April 19th!

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I love visiting museums, and museums that have miniatures are the best!  If you are in the area - consider attending this event.  "Never-before-seen"  - this is a description that brings a lot of curiosity to my mind... so how long is my drive to Kansas? 

Membership has its benefits, and members of the museum get to attend the preview!  

I truly enjoyed the Masterworks event and seeing the museum's collection in person.  I know my husband as an antique toy fan would also love the Marbles and Toy Collection upstairs.   

Did you know that there is a Marble company in Kansas City Area?  If I ever get to return to KC, I am definitely visiting the Moon Marble Company!


If you cannot see any of Mr. Robertson's photos,  here is a photobucket fix that I installed more than a year ago that enables me to see pictures that are stored on Photobucket.  Please contact your own technical support person if you are unsure, as there is no way to provide user tech support, but this has worked for me.


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