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Bill Hudson

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Horses, horses, horses. 1/12th scale.  I bought these horses in 1985 form Cheryl Abelson for a couple of carriage projects. The team was ordered for a lady who wanted a team on the carriage I was building for her. She ordered the carriage and horses and even put down a deposit and wanted to make payments over time.. I started on the carriage and bought the horses but when it came time to make a payment I did not hear any thing more from her. I tried to contact her over a period of about three years and finally just packed every thing away. The team was made in 1984. The other horse was made to go with a peddler's wagon which I had planed to build but it did not happen. I have had these horses in their original wrapping all these years. The need a few minor harness repair (a dab of glue her and there) If you are interested in them contact me by message.





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