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Oh, I do wish I could attend the 2015 Guild Show in Teaneck, August 8 - 9, 2015 at the Teaneck Marriott Glenpoint Hotel, Teaneck, NJ.  It is just a month away for a wonderful mini shopping adventure on the East Coast.


The Guild's block of rooms is closing on July 14, so if you haven't made a reservation, and you want to take advantage of the Guild's room block, you will want to call or reserve your room in the next 5 days.


Reviewing the info on www.igma.org and the guild's blog, it sounds like the gallery of the guild will have an expanded showing of 25 artisans... so if you haven't had the chance to see some artisans' works of art in person, and you have easy access to Teaneck you will really enjoy this show.  Don't miss it!


Classes, tour to Historic Hudson Valley, Gatherings for Dessert (yummy) and Demonstrations, shopping, and an area of miniature shopping just for kids...


I was glad that I have been able to attend in the past, and share that even this lass, from the Midwest can travel by public transportation to get to NYC's fabric district... Mokuba lace in a Mokuba store... oh, that is wonderful sight to see... I thought I was in lace heaven. 


I also got to attend once with the group for Broadway night... so if anyone goes to see An American in Paris, I'll be thinking of all of you having fun on Broadway Night.




Is anyone attending?





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I will be there! I am very lucky to live close enough to drive... and last year we found a restaurant, called Amarone, about a mile from the hotel that was just wonderful. I will be having another meal there. I always love to see my friends in miniature and all the beautiful little works of art they make! I know I will be finding treasure that I simply can't live another day without. :D

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I am sure the Guild Show organizers and dealers are preparing to depart soon!  :)  The Guild Show is next Saturday & Sunday.  I think I remember that members of the Guild are able to attend with no admission... another wonderful benefit of your membership.


If you are able to attend the Guild Show next weekend check out the 2016 Guild School Class list.  I am always waiting (anxiously!) for the announcement on Facebook or the Guild's website for next years classes. It is a list of classes, and you can see the full class description and photos after pre-registration closes.


And - remember to check out the wonderful exhibit of students past projects.  It is wonderful to see the results that students achieve under the careful tutelage of our fine instructors!




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We have until 7/12/2016 to reserve a room for the IGMA block of rooms.  Is anyone attending the Guild Study Program or the classes?  Looks like a lot of opportunities to participate in new learning experiences, and then shop, shop, shop.

Classes at the Teaneck hotel range from $50 to $185, and you can contact Annelle if you are interested in finding availability. http://www.igma.org/guild_show/classes.html

The gathering of the Guild offers free demonstrations from Artisans or Fellows of the Guild.  I remember watching Bob Hurd's demonstration (in awe) when he was showing how to create a barley twist turning.  It is a wonderful opportunity to ask someone,  "How do you do that?"  Try to attend the Guild Show on Friday, August 5 to see the demonstrations.

One my most treasured shopping adventures was taking the bus into NYC so you can go shopping in the garment district.  If you can take the bus from the hotel, make sure you check out goat skin leather at Moods, and my most treasured experience was walking into the Japanese Lace store, Mokuba's.  OMG, I love that store...  but also high on my list was going to Tinsel Traders, which moved a couple of years ago from the fabric district.   So I think Tinsel Traders will now require a subway trip.  Oh, and the Metropolitan Museum is also in NYC, so give yourself and extra day to visit the Met and find a couple more items to add to your gotta make this in miniature list!

And best of all, are opportunities to buy miniatures from this field of talent.  Click on this link and scroll down to see the dealer list.  I know you will find many treasures!


If you do get to attend, please let us know your favorite part of the show.

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Tamra, Tinsel Traders are not too far from the MET museum, I would love to go to that shop again.


Another shop to visit is this miniature shop which is also close to the MET museum, they have a lot of artisan miniatures too from miniaturists all over the world, I also found some lovely pieces there from artists that don't make any more from the 80's etc.


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