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My first roombox


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Here is my very first roombox. All the furniture is 3D-printed based on drawings from real size furniture and most of the other parts is made using cnc.




And another view




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That is soooooo small !  Oh goodness, my brain is taxed with the question of how many hours does it take to program a 3D printer to make a roombox?


Love the highboy on the back wall... I can't remember seeing a high boy... did you paint the handles on the highboy?


Congrats.... and inquisitive minds want to know,  can you make it even smaller? :D



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Here is a highboy straight from the printer. As you can se all the handles is present. I haven't found out why the middle top drawer is missing the rosette. The rosette was in the drawing. So my guess is a failure in the program that processes the drawing for printing.




Can I go smaller? When I have made a few planned improvenents to my printer it may be possible to print 1:288.


All the furniture in the roombox is made from full size drawings for furniture found on for example Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Some of these drawings are so detailed that they can be used for making full size replicas. So it takes a little time to remove all the unused internal structures. Scaling is just enter scale factor and  press a button :-)


Printing the highboy takes about 2 hours and it takes the same time for printing 1 copy or printing 10 copies.


Total cost for the printer until now is about 200 USD except for the projector.




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