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Latest 3D-printer and 3D-print.


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Here is the first print from my new 3D-printer.

Each slice is 0.050mm and 0.025mm should be possible in the current setup.



On an american quarter


And here is the printer. Basically it is a plywood copy of a B9Creator with a few of my own modifications.





Have fun


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I have tried to paint one of the small chairs to show difference. Painting isn't primary skill :-) and using a watch-makers one-eyed loupe doesn't make painting easier!

Well, I learned that the paint should be thinned very much.




When printing the next set, the chairs will be placed on toothpick-like pins so the chairs can easily be handled during paintjob and then afterwards cut from the base.




PS The photo was taken with my smartphone through the watchmakers loupe.

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Fascinating, Niels. Thanks for sharing. I am sure you will figure out many more ways to use this equipment even more efficiently. See you in Castine? Ron Anderson

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In anticipation of the Toy Fair Trade Show,  USA Today announced that Mattel will unveil a $300 3-D Printer for children age 14+.  I remember Creepy Crawlers and the metal zamac molds from the 1960s... and they did come back in the last decade....  It will be interesting to see what the kids will be able to make.   I wonder if we purchased a 3D printer for our grandson if he could program a simple sand castle for his G'Ma.  The question Is,, is it G'ma's printer or Carter's printer?


Teach your children well....



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