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Table saw : A little tip on my way...

Catherine Soubzmaigne

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I was looking for something to push down and forward a piece of wood through the table saw and the only thing that was available on my table was a pencil with a rubber at the end : it is great as the rubber really holds on to the wood ( of course, that is if the width of the piece you want to cut is a bit wider that the pencil or else, you might ruin it but who cares for a pencil...)


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Good tip Catherine :)    


Other methods are gluing a bit of coarse sand paper to the end of a push stick or two and the dreaded ice pick method that I won't tell about.     Not only does your method work but it is relatively safe since it keeps fingers away from the toothy monster.


Properly designed/placed feather boards are also helpful.

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Hi Catherine, thanks for the tip to use the pencil eraser when using our table saws.  I like an eraser that is soft, and I always have an unsharpened pencil with new eraser around all the time; I find my safety glasses and my pencil when I'm working with wood and power equipment.


A featherboard, is generally attached to a high fence, and keeps the stock tight against the blade, which helps prevent kickback.  My micromark saw had this attachment included, although I confess, I have never used it.  I might use it if I were producing a lot of something, ie kits for my miniature club, but I've learned to be very busy and engrossed in my project while at club, so I haven't had to say "no."


You can search www.micromark.com  website for featherboard. 


I think if you are cutting a thick board, or a very, very hardwood, you can experience kickback. I also suspect a dull blade, a knot in the wood, all could be causes of kickback, too.  These are not huge motors on our saws, so If I'm cutting stock that wants to kickback on my micromark tilting arbor or my preac; for example, if I am cutting stock at 1/4", ie I want to make square stock for turnings, we cut it on the life size table saw, and I also use a life size miter saw to cut my lengths.  The blade should cut wood, without effort.  If the saw sounds like it is unhappy, I switch to a bigger saw with more horse power.  (Jim!  I need you to cut this piece of wood for me.)



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I use the eraser pencil tops such as these..




On a modified dowel rod  its all soft rubber with no metal piece to fuss about and when it is used up  I just change it ..



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