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Tune Wine Decanter


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I finally finished the wine decanter that I made in Bill Robertson's class last year in Tune, this was a really great class for me as I had time to polish up on techniques that I had half forgotten from the brass bed class in Castine in 2012 (my first time ever turning any metal) plus I learned a lot more new techniques in this class resulting in a definite love for playing with brass on the lathe.

I changed two steps on the wine decanter, after looking at a lot of decanters on the internet, I changed the cradle into a more simplistic one, which was quite tricky to make in the end. I first made one out of card to make sure my idea would actually work.




All the pieces before final assembly.


Secondly I decided to make small screws with knobs for holding the cradle in place after I saw a photo of a french decanter with knobs. And here it is all finished.




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Really beautiful Elga! How wonderful it must be to learn from Bill. You have done a great job.

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Thanks Elga for showing us this.  What a Fine piece of workmanship.   It is truly a pleasure to take a class from Bill !

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