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Dremel Table Saw replacement motors


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The 4" Dremel table saw is a tool quite a few miniature maker's still have around or sometimes come across in various estate sales. One thing that happens with them is the motor might have died but the rest of the saw is still OK. As the saw is no longer in production you can't buy replacement motors for it from the Dremel company however you can still get one.


S H Goode and Sons Workshop sells the original equipment replacement motors for these saws. The saw was originally designed when Dremel was part of the Emerson Motor Company so that means motors for it are still around even though they no longer are associated with Dremel. Of course like many things that motor company division has since then changed names but Stepen Goode was able to connect all the dots to come up with the OEM motors needed to put your saw back into running order. He does not have the saw motors listed on his website so you will need to contact him by email to request one. They prefer email request so they have the information in written form. I would suggest that you put "Dremel Table Saw Motors" in the subject line to help them identify your request quickly. Sometimes he does have them listed on Ebay but you might as well go directly to the source.


Karin Corbin

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Today I put a replacement motor into a Dremel saw that had come into my ownership as it had a motor with bad bearings. There is a reason this happens to many Dremel Saws and I have seen it on most of the half dozen of them that have come my way over the years. The mount for the motor is not true parallel to the shaft that holds the pulley for the saw blade spindle. It is not off by a lot. There is an obvious condition that will let you know if this is true on your saw...the belt won't stay centered in the middle of the pulleys and it will want to run off the machine. All the ones I have seen on the pulley on the motor shaft the belt rides hard against the edge of the pulley, the side away from the motor body.


Fortunately the fix is very easy, put a thin brass shim between the motor and the mounting bracket on the end of the motor with the pulley. I had some .002" thick soft brass sheeting. My hole punch for notebook paper was used to create a hole for the screw to pass through. Shim was cut with my shop scissors and thin double sided adhesive tape was used to keep it in place.


That was all it took to have a belt that runs true and stays centered on the pulleys :)



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