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mischievous raccoon


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When I made the other raccoon, this pose was what I planned and intended. I designed and drew it out,

but then I decided to do the one walking. So now I went ahead with the original plan and here he is. Looking to get into the garbage can and crates of fruit.


Realistic yet cute with carved toe and fingernails. Life filled eyes. Hand carved with fur  applied. I love to do the shading with the actual fur like real animals and not brush on anything.
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Thanks Bob and Sue :) They are much fun to make but in reality I am NOT a fan as I have seen the horrible destruction they did to my beloved chickens at the farm. In fact it was because of a raccoon that I had little Miracle. One killed her family so I took all the eggs out of my refrigerator, borrowed an incubator in an act of desperation, and my sweet little baby hatched! Hence the name Miracle----

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He is just wonderful! Such a great, "what?... I'm not up to anything" expression. I am just amazed by those of you who can sculpt animals and then actually put fur on them!! It's so COOL!! Such an art to really get it right! Excellent job.

I always wondered about the Miracle chicken name, thanks for the explanation!

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