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Rosières cooker


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From time to time I have to make some accessories for my structures and houses. Lamps, bathroom fittings, pieces of furniture... In many cases are modern, or at least from the XX century, so, modern up to a point!

It is true that these objects are not glamorous. They don't have cabriolé legs nor carving nor marquetry, ... but they are necessary!!

this is my interpretation in miniature of a Rosières cooker,  the RCM 7992 RURB in white colour, made of brass and resin.


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That is really cool, well I guess it is a oven... So that is really hot!

Nice job...... Have any pictures before it was painted?

Thanks for posting it.

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Hello Bill,

I have some of the first version I did of this cooker, years ago, at the same time I drew all patterns I needed in order to make it.

for the new version I have made some molds which I fill them with white or black polyurethane resin, almost thirty jigs to cut brass, to solder brass pieces...

But, of this second version,  I haven't taken any photo of the different steps. So I can show of the first one, But the outside is almost the same. wooden parts of the first version are now made of resin.



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