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A new Dremel Tool.

Bill Hudson

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It looks like the dremel website also has files that you can download so you can have a great out of the box experience with the new plastic printer.  I wonder if the 3D scanner that is available from Rockler for their CNC router would allow you to scan objects that you want to create.


It looks like this is the beginning of the replicator as indicated on Star Trek.  I wonder when I get to have a halogram technology!


I'm not a plastics kinda girl for miniatures.... what would we use it for?  I don't want a miniature plastic kitchen aid mixer, I want a metal one, and one that works would be even better!  1/12th scale please.


I'm glad that I can't figure out what I would want to make with a plastics printer so I don't have to add this to my list of things to buy... I'm still stuck on lathes and mills for my wish list.


So instead of making an original mold for a pretty hat stand, I just make the hat stand with the printer.... hmmmmm.....



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For miniaturists the Dremel 3D printer probably won't be of much use because it produces rough surfaces.   It is FDM (fused deposit material) technology.  Pro jet type printers (based on ink jet technology) produce much smoother and accurate parts.


That being said I'm not much of a plastic type either. From my point of view a 3D printed part is a pattern to be used for making a silicone rubber mold for casting metal or making waxes for investment casting.  You can also have wax printed for investment casting.


I've looked at owning a 3D printer and decided it is way cheaper and less risky to just hire the printing out to a vendor.

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