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Doll house, period furniture.


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Thank youCatherine Ronan for your reply, I now have a good Idea,what I might have to build,

 they are ammazing piece's of furniture,and I hope I will be able to get some plans for making some.

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Have you thought of down scaling full size plans to 1/12 scale, that is what I do for some pieces, others I build just from a photo or two. Auction houses are also a wonderful source for interesting pieces, if I remember right you mentioned that you have made full scale furniture, there are also wonderful books out there full of scale drawings of period furniture in museums, if you have a fair understanding of furniture construction you should be able to build furniture from these drawings.

Here is a thread on books on the forum


And some more on my blog


And two books on medieval furniture



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Thank you ElgarKoster, I am up to now trying to read every thing posted on the forum, as I have time on my hands because of the very


hot weather ,unable to work in the shed as we call it, I thank you for the information you have passed on, and I find that very interesting.


I built the Doll house  for my Grandsons Wife,  three years ago, and has just come out of storage as they have recently moved into


their own home, so I have to get their ideas as to what they want ,and they could be wildly different to what I am thinking, but time will tell.



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I have been looking for the UK Doll House Magazine that had the original plans for the basis of this one, that I could give credit to the author of the origin\al  design, sorry about that .


I have looked through my small library of books and the only one that has any clues about furniture is called,


The English House Through Severn Centuries,     Very large house's and  Castle's , and of course the Furniture,


Don't think I have enough time left to get that involved

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Did you want to keep the furniture period correct to the house? Many people decorate a doll house up into modern times or have a nice mix but stop at a certain time period, for example my Cape Dutch house will be set in the 1820's but will have older pieces too and a mix between South African made furniture of the time and British furniture.

To fill a dollhouse can take many years of work, I guess you have options between making some yourself from scratch, putting together some kits and also buying some, I know there is a show in Sydney each year and I think in Melbourne too, if you are not aware of these shows I can find out for you when they are.

The house is beautiful, you did a great job on it and it deserves some nice furniture and acessories.

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    I think they will want a little of each, old and nearly modern, all though I will have to leave it up to them ,it's their house, two of the room's were done in a kind of renovation, away from the rough panel style I hope I can show a pic of it face on but I never took many photo's while building .









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