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Old memories.

Bill Hudson

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I recently had an enquiry about one of my very early miniatures that this person had purchased.  At first I did not think it was completely mine; possibly altered some.  Then I started digging through my files and found my very first catalog which would shave been printed about 1978-9.  There I found a very similar miniature I had produced.  So it turns out that it is kneed one of my very early miniatures.


I had been comfortable at working in 1/8 scale to a high degree of detail until a lady from Eugene saw my exhibit of wagons and logging equipment, in 1/8 scale, at the local museum.  She invited me to come to the Eugene Miniatures Club and bring my stuff to show.  First thing that night was an order for a horse drawn buggy in 1/12th. That was 1975, that is where it all started for me in 1/12th.  


​I started out just building things for different club members and stuck to 1/8 for my own pleasure.  Then I joined the club and NAME. The club decided to hold a mini show locally so I had to build enough to at least have something on the table.  I started building small houses, mostly old false front western stores. I then expanded to other shows around Oregon and found I could not build enough to fill a table for each show so in 1979 I produced a catalog to take to the shows. About that time I was lead draftsman in a company that designed sawmills.  The Oregon and lumber economy hit bottom and I was out on my own. I broke out on my own and started a commercial model company and built large layouts of saw mills.  In 1982 I decided to take a trip to the Los Angeles area to see if I could sell to some miniature shows.  I found Mini- Bazaar and she bought most all my collection.  That is where it all started for me. I could go on but I think I have said more than any one is interested in hearing.





Note: the address and phone number has changed. The area code is now 541.

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THANKS so much Bill for sharing this Very Interesting information on how you got started in making Miniatures and some of the things you did and made.  You certainly have NOT said more than I am interested in hearing.   I wish I had seen your Catalog back then!


 Thanks for the Many things You have shared with us on this Forum.  It is much appreciated.

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Thanks Bob.


Just for the fun of it I'm posting the pages of my first catalog; what I was building way back then. My scanner seems to like to print rainbow back grounds. Sorry about that.






The most funny part is the price list.  




 Note: this is a reprint of my first price list and the prices listed do not apply anymore.  :D

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